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Cyberoam Basics

Cyberoam Cheat Sheet for the GUI

Configure Cyberoam using the Wizard

Cyberoam Wizard
Prior to configuring the Cyberoam you need to decide if you would like to use the Cyberoam in BRIDGE mode or GATEWAY mode.

In BRIDGE mode the Cyberoam can be transparent except when using the Captive Portal.

  • Traffic will pass through the cyberoam depending on firewalls rules used.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) is not needed


  • The cyberoam will do the routing between networks
  • The cyberoam will need to NAT traffic

Cyberoam Configuration as Captive Portal

After the MODE had has been chosen, to continue configuring the cyberoam for use as a captive portal, follow the following steps. These steps will bring the cyberoam up in bridge mode, and have the captive portal working. (Minimal Configuration)

Configure Time and NTP

To keep reports that are sent to satNAG in the same timezone, please set the cyberoams to UTC.

Configure Networks

Objects→ Hosts→ IP HOSTS

Added offship_network
Added data_network

Configure User Group

Identity→ Groups→ Users

create offshipUsers

This is where you would assign Web and/or Application Filters to the Users. Add a couple of users; Identity→Users→Add

It is helpful to use the same syntax you would use for adding users to the ship email system or LDAP or RADIUS server, when adding the users assign them to the group offshipUsers created above.

Configure Firewall Rules

Firewall→Rule→ Add

create Rule to allow all DNS

Depending on where your DNS and/or DHCP server reside, you will probably want to allow all DNS and DHCP traffic to pass through the device

Enable Captive Portal

Change LAN_WAN_AnyTraffic Firewall rule to DROP

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