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Solutions for Science Communications

Access to common communication systems for voice, video, text, desktop sharing, and file sharing for image and documents can be critical for collaborative ship to shore science communication. Many popular candidate solutions for science communication include the following.

Remote Vessel Access and Desktop Sharing
A compilation of desktop sharing and remote access utilities used at sea.

Ship to Shore File Sharing
A collection of file transfer utilities used at sea.

Ship to Shore Group Chat
An assortment of group communication services used at sea.

Remote Screen Capture of Desktop
Scenario: The ship has a linux computer, you want a desktop screen capture that you can view on your own local (shore) computer.

Setting up datapipes to transfer files
Once set up a automatic way to transfer files between ship and shore. Similar to synching, but does not require a server and a clients. The installation on the ship pulls and pushes files from ship to shore.

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