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Cyberoam Startup Wizard

Configure Network

The cyberoams default setting:


Configure computer LAN:

gateway:    (probably not necessary)

Use a 'dumb' switch and plug Cyberoam LAN A and computer LAN port into it.

Deployment Mode

Choose Bridge or Gateway, this tutorial is for Bridge

Zone & Network Configuration

Next, you add the IP address that you would like for your Cyberoam. If you are configuring your Cyberoam to stay on the ship you can leave DHCP to give an IP to your device and it will update automatically. However, if you are “leaving” the ship it is recommended to set up a static DNS.

Access Configuration

While configuring the Cyberoam choose Monitor only, can change this later once everything is up and running.

Email Settings

  • You cannot leave this blank, if you have a mailserver available fill the information in, if not use:

Date & Time Configuration

Use GMT/UTC, may have to choose Rekyjavik or Abdijan.

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