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TripMode for MAC

Bandwidth onboard the research vessels is limited, creating an often slow connection. In order to make the best use of what is available, users are given a bandwidth quota. Operating systems and various software applications often connect through the internet without the user’s knowledge. This connection often uses a lot (if not all) of the user’s quota.

TripMode is a network bandwidth management application that monitors bandwidth usage on a per application basis and, when programed to do so, will shut down individual application’s connection after a certain limit is reached.

While at sea, TripMode is useful for blocking unwanted network access as well as allowing the user to monitor what connections his/her computer is making to the outside world. A user can set-up an “ATSEA” profile which can be defined to limit things like software updates from the Operating System (OS), other applications (e.g. Microsoft Office, Google Chrome), and/or temporarily disable synchronizing of applications like Dropbox and other network intensive file sharing applications.

To set-up an ATSEA profile:

Download and install Tripmode ( Click on the TripMode Icon; then on the ‘gear’ icon Click Settings; Click the “Profiles” tab; Click ‘+’ and name profile: ATSEA Click “Monitoring”; Block all after 500 MB(suggested); Renewal Period: Manually; click Apply Click Applications and choose applications you would like to monitor/limit. The following are notorious bandwidth hogs: Cloud Sync, Cloud Sync Updates, iCloud etc Dropbox applications and Dropbox Application Updates Software Update Daemons Click the “Advanced” tab and choose Treat Local Traffic as Loopback Click the “General” tab and choose “Open TripMode at login”

To activate the ATSEA profile

Open the TripMode Icon in the task bar, just under the TripMode Icon choose which profile you would like to use The session will be monitored in the pull down menu, it will show MB used by each application.

It is best to test the ATSEA profile before heading out on your cruise and become familiar with the how it works.

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