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TripMode is a client side network bandwidth management application that monitors and controls per application bandwidth usage for Mac and Windows computers.


  • Mac v2.1.4 (July 2018)
  • Window 32/64 bit v1.0.5 (Nov 2016)


Installing TripMode is about as easy as it gets:

  1. Download the respective version
  2. Run the installer
  3. Purchase / Register License
  4. Turn Tripmode on/off from the task bar
  5. Choose which apps to allow Internet access
Easy to Use and Install Mostly Intuitive InterfaceNot well documented
Works great for Macs, Provides great visibility into Application bandwidth use!The Windows version has not been updated in 2 years and is missing much of the functionality available in the Mac version.
Cost Effective ($8)7 day free trial. Full use requires a registered user account and purchased license key.
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