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Linux Network Testing Tools


If you ssh into a computer and want to use tcpdump to view traffic, ssh (22) can be excluded

tcpdump -I [interface] -n 'port!22'

Capture traffic leaving a host

tcpdump -pi [interface] src host [hostname]

Watch for traffic leaving one network and entering two other networks

tcpdump -pi [interface] src net [network] and dst net [network2] or [network3]
tcpdump -pi [interface] src net and dst or 192.168.12/24


To see what computers are up, what OS they are running and what ports are open:

nmap -sS -O [network]    ie: nmap -sS -O


To look at https traffic on the science network:

iftop -i [interface] -f "dst port 443" 


Need to setup a server (sender) and client (listener)

On shore just listen
       iperf -s -u
On shore listen on a certain port    
    iperf -s -u -p 55437
From ship, send 7 M
   iperf -c [shoreip number]  -u -t 120 -b 7M
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