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 +====== TripMode for MAC ======
 +Bandwidth onboard the research vessels is limited, creating an often slow connection.  In order to make the best use of what is available, users are given a bandwidth quota.   Operating systems and various software applications often connect through the internet without the user’s knowledge.  This connection often uses a lot (if not all) of the user’s quota.  
 +TripMode is a network bandwidth management application that monitors bandwidth usage on a per application basis and, when programed to do so, will shut down individual application’s connection after a certain limit is reached.  
 +While at sea, TripMode is useful for blocking unwanted network access as well as allowing the user to monitor what connections his/her computer is making to the outside world.  A user can set-up an “ATSEA” profile which can be defined to limit things like software updates from the Operating System (OS), other applications (e.g. Microsoft Office, Google Chrome), and/or temporarily disable synchronizing of applications like Dropbox and other network intensive file sharing applications.
 +===== To set-up an ATSEA profile: =====
 +Download and install Tripmode (
 +Click on the TripMode Icon; then on the ‘gear’ icon 
 +Click Settings; 
 +Click the “Profiles” tab; Click ‘+’ and name profile: ATSEA
 +Click “Monitoring”; Block all after 500 MB(suggested); Renewal Period: Manually; click Apply
 +Click Applications  and choose applications you would like to monitor/limit.  The following are notorious bandwidth hogs:
 +Cloud Sync, Cloud Sync Updates, iCloud etc
 +Dropbox applications and Dropbox Application Updates
 +Software Update Daemons
 +Click the “Advanced” tab and choose Treat Local Traffic as Loopback
 +Click the “General” tab and choose “Open TripMode at login”
 +===== To activate the ATSEA profile =====
 +Open the TripMode Icon in the task bar, just under the TripMode Icon choose which profile you would like to use
 +The session will be monitored in the pull down menu, it will show MB used by each application. 
 +It is best to test the ATSEA profile before heading out on your cruise and become familiar with the how it works. 
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