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-====== Welcome to the SatNAG Website ====== 
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-In the summer of 2016, members of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) identified the need to have a more consistently managed Internet experience across vessels in the fleet. Commensurate toward these objectives the Satellite Network Advisory Group (SatNAG) has been charged with assessment, definition of project scope, and development of common tools, resources, and solutions for the fleet. 
-<html><h2><span class="fa fa-handshake-o"></span> SatNAG Mission</h2></html> 
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-To steward the objective, effective and efficient use of ship to shore network resources and optimize positive customer experiences for the UNOLS fleet. 
-<html><h2><span class="fa fa-users"></span> Contact </h2></html> 
-Please send comments and questions to: 
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-<div class="row"> 
-  <div class="col-sm-3"><a target="_blank" href=""><img alt="University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System" title="University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System" style="height: 100px;" src=""></a></div> 
-  <div class="col-sm-3"><img alt="Satellite Network Advisory Group" title="Satellite Network Advisory Group" style="height: 100px;" src=""></div> 
-  <div class="col-sm-3"><a target="_blank" href=""><img alt="National Science Foundation" title="National Science Foundation" style="height: 100px;" 
- src=""></a></div> 
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