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 ====== Sophos Central is NOT connecting to my firewall ====== ====== Sophos Central is NOT connecting to my firewall ======
 +There have been several reported issues regarding the Sophos firewall and its inability to connect to Sophos Central. This can be caused by several things. Here are some solutions to resolve this issue.
 ===== Solution 1 ===== ===== Solution 1 =====
-Make sure you tell the firewall to connect.+Make sure your firewall is setup properly to connect to Sophos Central.
 +1) Go to **Central Synchronization** 
 +2) Make sure **Sophos Central services** is **ON**
 +3) Go to **Configure** and check all three boxes:
 +  * Send reports and logs to Sophos Central
 +  * Manage from Sophos Central
 +  * Send configuration backups to Sophos Central
 +===== Solution 2 =====
 +**<color #ed1c24>Is Your Sophos Firewall version 18.0.4?</color>**
 +1) Go to **Administration** -> **Admin and User Settings**
 +2) Disable **Login Disclaimer**
 +**<color #00a2e8>This issue is to be resolved in version 18.0.5</color>**
 +===== Solution 3 ======
 +1) Make sure you certificate is Sophos device and not the deprecated Cyberoam
 +2) Go to **Certificates**
 +3) Click the **Gear** option and regenerate the certificate
 +**<color #ed1c24>*This fix is specifically for Cyberoam configurations that were uploaded to the Sophos firewall</color>**
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