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 ====== Sophos Basics====== ====== Sophos Basics======
- +<color #ed1c24>DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME</color> until the certs have been fixed.
 ==== Sophos Cheat Sheet for the GUI ==== ==== Sophos Cheat Sheet for the GUI ====
 [[Sophos XG Cheat Sheet]] [[Sophos XG Cheat Sheet]]
 +==== Sophos Extras ====
 +[[Turning off Captcha]]
 +[[Generating a Certificate]]
 +[[Sophos Central will NOT connect]]
 ==== Configure Your Sophos ==== ==== Configure Your Sophos ====
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 Applications -> Application Filter Applications -> Application Filter
 +===∗Turn Exceptions OFF∗===
 +Web -> Exceptions
 +Ensure 'Apple Update' and 'Microsoft Windows Update' are **OFF**
 +{{ :public:screen_shot_2020-07-20_at_17.26.18.png?600 |}}
 ===To Add Web and Application Policies to a Firewall Rule=== ===To Add Web and Application Policies to a Firewall Rule===
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 Firewall -> 'rule' -> Advanced  Firewall -> 'rule' -> Advanced 
 +Make sure you click the 'check box' for the policies to be accepted into the firewall rule.
 {{ :sophos_addpoliciestofirewall.png?600 |}}  {{ :sophos_addpoliciestofirewall.png?600 |}} 
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