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 +[[:remote_vessel_access_and_desktop_sharing| Remote Vessel Access and Desktop Sharing]] \\
 +A compilation of desktop sharing and remote access utilities used at sea.
 +[[:ship_to_shore_file_sharing|Ship to Shore File Sharing]] \\
 +A compilation of file transfer utilities used at sea.
 +[[:ship_to_shore_group_chat|Ship to Shore Group Chat]] \\
 +A compilation of file transfer utilities used at sea.
 +[[public:remote_screen_capture_of_desktop | Remote Screen Capture of Desktop]]\\
 +Scenario: The ship has a linux computer, you want a desktop screen capture that you can view on your own local (shore) computer.
 +[[:datapipes|Setting up datapipes to transfer files]]\\
 +Once set up a automatic way to transfer files between ship and shore. Similar to synching, but does not require a server and a clients. The installation on the ship pulls and pushes files from ship to shore.
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