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 +====== NetLimiter ======
 +NetLimiter is a network bandwidth management application that monitors and controls bandwidth usage on a per application basis.  NetLimiter is designed for the Windows environment. It allows the user to limit and  turn off certain applications. 
 +NetLimiter is useful for blocking unwanted network access while at sea as well as to see what connections your computer is making to the outside world.  It will not limit bandwidth per se, but will allow you to see what connections are being made and stop unwanted activities.
 +===== To configure NetLimiter: =====
 +Download and install NetLimiter (
 +Click on the NetLimiter.exe and accept the defaults. 
 +Click on the Icon and choose Activity
 +This will show the different processes and amount of bandwidth being used 
 +Applications can be limited in the amount of bandwidth to sue or a rule to block the application  can be created. 
 +===== To Block and Application =====
 +**Click Application List:** Choose an application
 +  *A window will open on the right
 +    *Choose Add Rule
 +    *Choose Zone (LocalNetwork Internet)
 +    *Choose Rule Type (Limit, Priority, Blocker, Quota)
 +    *Choose Direction ( In, Out, Both)
 +  *If a Limit choose an amount ie 5 Kb/s
 +  *If Priority choose (Low, Normal, High, Critical)
 +  *If Blocker choose (Ask, Allow, Deny)
 +  *If Quota choose amount of traffic to allow ie 5MB
 +**Click Enable and Save**
 +It is probably best to test different rules prior to sailing. 
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