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   C:\Users\John> pip install requests python-certifi-win32 --cert mycacert.pem   C:\Users\John> pip install requests python-certifi-win32 --cert mycacert.pem
 +===== Prepare your csv file =====
 +This script expects you to provide a csv file, with fields separated by commas. The file must have the following columns - **Name, Username, Password, Email Address, Group**:
 +  Name,Username,Password,Email Address,Group
 +  Nigel Brown,nbrown,Pa5s!w0rd19,,Open Group
 +  Gina Lopez,glopez,e1Azjr8q9^21,,Open Group
 +===== Downloading and running the script =====
 +1) Download this [[ | zip]] and extract it to a directory on your computer. The rest of these instructions assume you saved it in **'Downloads'**, and that the csv file containing the users you want to add is in **'Documents'** and called **users.csv**
 +2) Run the following command, substituting your firewall's hostname or IP address, admin username and password. 
 +  python3 Downloads/ -f x.x.x.x -i Documents/users.csv -u admin -p A1B2c3d4!!E5 -a
 +3) If you see exception messages related to certificate trust issues, try running the same command again, but add '-n' as an additional command-line qualifier. 
 +  python3 Downloads/ -f x.x.x.x -i Documents/users.csv -u admin -p A1B2c3d4!!E5 -a -n
 +===== Troubleshooting =====
 +=== 1) If you get an error message of the connection timing out: ===
 +Confirm what port is being utilized in the Admin settings 
 +1) Go to **Administration** -> **Admin and User Settings**
 +2) Under **Admin console and end-user interaction** check the **Admin console HTTPS port**
 +* The default for the python program is port **4444**
 +* If your port is different edit the text on **line 175/6** of the Python code; it should then read
 +          callurl = ('https://' + stuff.firewall +
 +                   ':4444/webconsole/APIController')
 +=== 2) My passwords do not meet password complexity ===
 +  Line 36 (sci35), Status 510
 +     Invalid password - doesn't meet complexity requirements
 +1) Go to **Administration** -> **Admin and User Settings** -> **User password complexity settings**
 +2) Disable **Enable password complexity check**
 +3) Reboot device and double check that **Enable password complexity check** is still disabled
 +4) Re-run the python command
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