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 +**Bandwidth Limiting Tools**
 +Satellite bandwidth is a finite resource and technicians aboard research vessels are constantly
 +trying to manage bandwidth with tools that allow/deny applications or limit amount of
 +bandwidth per device and/or user. Yet they can still spend large amounts of time tracking down
 +errant applications. A bandwidth limiting application can be used as a stand-alone method to
 +reduce bandwidth consumption for a particular device. There are a number of bandwidth limiting
 +tools, here are some that we have tried and tested on different systems.
 +Options for limiting bandwidth on personal devices:
 +Windows computers:
 +  * [[Tripmode for Windows]]
 +  * [[NetLimiter]]
 +Macintosh computers:
 +  * [[Tripmode for Mac]] 
 +  * [[Little Snitch]] 
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